Storage Tips

Moving into your storage unit can be more involved than you may anticipate. To maximize your storage space, efficiency, and safety, you’ll want to follow some tried-and-true self storage tips to help yourself and your belongings out in the long run. Bluebird Self Storage has compiled expert-approved advice to remember when you first unlock your unit.

Organizing Your Unit

  • Stack strategically. When filling your storage unit, place the heaviest items on the bottom, with lighter and more fragile belongings stacked. Additionally, stack flat furniture like tables and desks top to top to save room.
  • Plan your path. Create a center aisle to the back of your unit to easily access items throughout the space. Also, items you use most frequently should be placed near the front, with larger, infrequently used possessions kept toward the back.
  • Use racks and trash cans. Shovels, hoes, rakes, and other long-handled items can take up room when left sprinkled about, so keep them together in a trash can. If possible, items like skis and pool cues should be hung on a rack, keeping them out of the way while preventing them from being crushed.

Preserving Items in Storage

  1. Stack on pallets. Avoid placing your storage directly on the floor of your unit by stacking it on skids or pallets.
  2. Legs off the floor. If possible, remove the legs of your furniture before storing it. To save space, storing tables and couches on end is also advisable, wrapping the surface of whatever end is on the ground.
  3. Pack paper products properly. We advise taping photographs, artwork, and posters flat between two pieces of cardboard to prevent them from curling.
  4. Lay mattresses flat. Mattresses must be protected with a plastic covering and laid flat in your storage unit.
  5. Wipe down metal belongings. Clean off metal surfaces thoroughly using a cloth containing a few drops of machine oil to help prevent rust.
  6. Rent climate-controlled storage. Items made of sensitive materials such as wood, paper, leather, and more can be harmed by extreme temperatures if unprotected.
  7. Climate-controlled storage keeps them in a regulated temperature range year-round, helping them avoid damage from the elements.

Safety Tips

  1. Check for prohibited items. Due to federal regulations and building codes, some items cannot legally be kept in storage units. See our FAQ page for a list of what cannot be stored.
  2. Drain all engines. Items like lawn mowers with engines must have all gasoline and oil drained before arriving at your storage facility.
  3. Invest in a good lock. Purchase a high-quality lock for your storage unit, which we have for sale on-site at all our facilities.

Find your nearest facility and contact us with questions about how to store with Bluebird Self Storage.