Nokē Smart Entry System

No key, no problem! Have you ever gotten to your storage unit to realize you forgot or lost your keys? How about when you get home and can’t remember if you locked your storage unit? Nokē Smart Entry System is a safe, secure, and easy way to access your belongings. The Nokē Smart Entry System is an app based system that allows you to access our gate, building, and your unit right from your smart phone.


Current Tenants in our NH locations – We are upgrading your storage experience! All tenants will be notified prior to starting the installation process. We will be replacing your existing latch with the Nokē Smart Entry System latch. During the installation process, a third-party company will monitor and film the installation process to document and ensure the safety and integrity of your belongings. You will receive a text message inviting you to download the Storage Smart Entry app on your phone. For those without smartphone compatible devices, programmed Bluetooth key fobs can be picked up in the front office. A $25 deposit is required for all key fobs. Check out our Current Tenant FAQs below for more details on our new facility feature!

New Tenants – You will need to download the Storage Smart Entry app to access your unit. After renting your unit, you’ll receive an automated text with a 6-digit pin number and a link to download the app. Follow the link in the text to download the Storage Smart Entry app and log in using your phone number as your username and the 6-digit PIN number provided in the text as your temporary password.

If you have any issues with the app, please call 770-456-6666 for Nokē Support.

About Nokē

  • What is Nokē?

    Nokē is a Bluetooth electronic lock that allows you to access the facility and units by an app on your smartphone. When you rent a unit with us, you will receive an automated text message to download the Storage Smart entry app and log in. From there, follow the prompts to set up your account.

  • Is the app free?

    Yes! The Smart Storage Entry app is free for users. Smartphone users can download the app from the app store.

    For iOS iPhone users, the iPhone 4S or newer models are compatible.

    For Android users, devices with Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4, or newer models are compatible.

  • How do I access my unit?

    The lock has three different modes. The red light means your unit is locked. The green light means your unit is unlocked. If there is no light, it means the lock is “sleeping” to save on battery usage.

    Tap the LED light on the smart lock to “wake” it up. When you open the Storage Smart Entry app on your phone, the unit icon on your app will highlight. Tap the highlighted icon to open the gate or door.

    Please note: You will need WIFI or cellular signal to authenticate upon opening the app. After that, you only need bluetooth enabled. Using location (while the app is being used) is a safety feature built into the app to make sure you are at the facility before the app allows your unit to be opened. Make sure you have location and bluetooth enabled while using the app.

  • Who has access to my unit?

    The only people who have access to your unit are the ones you share your unit number and digital access code with. Our team can only get into units that go into an auction status due to lack of payment as outlined in the lease agreement.

    To share your digital access code, click on the plus sign in the top right-hand corner of your Storage Smart Entry app and select “Share Unit.” Then, type in the cell phone number of the person you would like to share the key to and select the unit or entry point that you’d like them to get access to. You can also revoke access if needed.

  • What if I don't have a smart phone?

    Our tenants can buy a bluetooth key fob for $25.00. It’s a key chain programmed to get you into our gate, doors, and your unit.

  • What if the building loses power?

    Each lock uses it’s own battery. Tenant belongings are safe and secured even if there is a power outage in the building.

  • Is the Nokē lock secure?

    Nokē uses an encrypted algorithm to ensure transmissions are encrypted and secure so hackers can’t access your belongings.  The Nokē system monitors any motion or heat inside your storage unit and reports any detections to you directly. In addition, if someone tries to tamper with your latch or tries to break the lock, the system is fail secure, meaning that they will still not be able to get in.

For our current tenants

  • What happens to the lock I already have on my unit?

    We will be removing the whole latch on your unit. Once removed, we will place the latch, with your existing lock, inside of your unit, before installing the new one. You’ll still be able to keep your lock!

  • I do not approve of any one gaining access to my storage unit when I am not present.

    A third-party company monitors and films the installation process to document and ensure the safety and integrity of your belongings.  If you would like to be present during the installation process, please let us know and we can arrange that.

  • I don't have a smartphone, and I don't use apps.

    For anyone who does not have a smartphone, we will be offering key fobs to use which wouldn’t require an app or smartphone.  The key fobs require a $25 deposit that will be refunded the upon move out.

  • Are we able to get multiple key fobs for everyone who has access to my unit?

    Yes, you are able to get multiple key fobs. They require a $25 deposit per key fob. Deposits are refunded upon move out.

  • I have multiple units. Will I need two key fobs?

    One key fob will work for multiple units.

  • Is there any additional cost or increase in fees?

    There is no additional cost or increase in fees.  The only fee would be a $25 deposit if you prefer to have a key fob instead of using the app.

  • I have a large single unit that has two doors/two separate latches. Will I get digital access to both?

    For large single units with two doors, the app will display two units (front door and back door) this will allow you to access either.

  • Do I need to have my Wi-Fi on in order for the app to work?

    You will need your Wi-Fi on to access the app.  Once you are in the building and your Bluetooth is on, you will not need any Wi-Fi access the building or your unit.

  • Why does the app state "Not in Range" when I am at the facility?

    If the app states that you are “Not in Range”, it may be that you did not allow Bluetooth access when you first downloaded the app. Also, at times it will show “Not in Range”, but you are still able to enter the facility and your unit.

  • What happens if the facility loses power, are we able to get into the building?

    If the facility loses power, you are not able to get in the building.  Even prior to NOKE, you would not have been able to access the building without power.

  • Why do I not receive the text message to download the app when you guys send me the activation code?

    We may not have the correct phone number on file. Please call us to update your phone number on file.

  • How do I allow access to everyone else who needs access to my unit?

    Once you download the app, and your units are visible in the top right-hand corner, there is a link to share access.  You can share with whomever you choose to.  You can share indefinitely or for a certain time.

  • I have a unit in two of your locations. Will my app show both of those units?

    Yes, once you download the app and register your account, your app will display the two locations you store at. You will need to change the location in the app, but will have access to both locations.

  • I downloaded the app but my unit(s) are not showing when I sign in.

    You may have a duplicate account in our system. You will need to reach out to one of our customer service associates to get it fixed or reach out directly to NOKE support at (833)257-0240